From Hobby to Profit

From Hobby to Profit

~Discover the joy of creating your own home sewing business~

Are you at work on a lunch break or at home unwinding from a long day at the office? It is hard to be away from your family and find the time and energy to be involved in their lives when you are gone so much. How can you be home more? Your family may rely on you for income. Is there any way that you can provide financially, be home more, and work at a job you love? The answer is yes! A home sewing business is the perfect solution.

It is important to first ask what it is that you enjoy doing. What is your passion? Then, you remember. You look over at your sewing nook and recall countless hours sewing long into the night creating personal gifts, clothing, home décor, and more. Wait! That would be a great business! You could make money sewing doll clothes!  The time, energy, and love you pour into your gifts and home projects can now be a blessing and enrich the lives of those who do business with you. Sewing doll clothes is not only a great niche, but a way to expand your skills as a seamstress.

Since you possess the skills to get the work done so there is very little you need to do in order to make money sewing for others. There are easy-to-use websites to walk you through the steps to register your business’s name and sign up to get a tax identification number. While each state has its own regulations, you can make money sewing from home in a short amount of time. The start up cost for material is low since you can start with the supplies you have on hand in your sewing nook. Armed with fabric remnants, thread, buttons, and sewing machine, you are ready to open shop!

Here are just a few the benefits of owning your own business sewing doll clothes:

  • When you buy doll clothes from a store, you are at the mercy of the manufacture. When you have control over the sewing, you are sure of the quality of the materials and can guarantee 100% satisfaction.
  • Set your business apart from the rest by offering a niche such as one-of-a-kind dolly clothing where your client can custom order for any event or theme. Your creativity now provides endless options for enjoyment and satisfaction, both for you and your customer.
  • Advertise about your versatility in working with a wide variety of fabrics and patterns. Let it be known that you are always ready to try something new. Say yes and then go about finding a way to make it happen. Adopting this mindset will continue to challenge your skills and ensure that you are up to date on the latest sewing techniques, fabrics, colors, patterns, and more!
  • Attend trade shows and learn from others who have been in the business longer. Read and take online courses. Always continue to be a student of your craft. There will never be a ceiling on all you can learn.
  • Teach a class. Help others learn to tap into their creativity. Use this as a networking opportunity with your local fabric store or open your home. Instruct on how to make doll clothes, accessories, quilts on a small scale, and décor for dolly’s home. The sky is the limit.

You are thinking of other advantages to add to this list. Are you excited yet? The quality of the service you provide will set you apart. The money you make will provide for your family. Your home sewing business will allow you to be a part of your family’s life and set time aside for school events, birthdays, or family outings. Are you ready to make money sewing? I have every confidence in you and your ability. Talk it over with those who love and support you and get sewing!

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