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~How to make money sewing from home and keep track of inventory~

Have you been in a store where items are scattered all over? It looks like they just finished with a huge blow out sale and then you realize that is just how the store is. There is no rhyme or reason to any of it. While it is important for you to know how to make money sewing from home, it is just as crucial to know where your products and materials are, have an accurate client list, and keep your accounts balanced.

I know how easy it is to get caught up in a sewing project and lose track of time. Stop and look at your sewing area. Do you know where your measuring tape is? How about scissors and pins and order forms? Are bolts of cloth stacked haphazardly on the table or are they put away on the shelf? Are your remnants clearly marked by color or pattern or are they all jumbled up in one drawer? I write this in memory of the lost hours I can never get back from when I was disorganized and out of control. Sewing for profit has has much to do with  honoring due dates as it does with knowing where inventory and information are located.

While there are many point of sale computer software options out there to help you track inventory, sales, and clients, you must focus on what you can do at your physical location to make money sewing seamless.

  • New orders- How do you keep track of materials needed for the job? Where do they get filed when the job is finished? Many office supply stores offer filing systems from tall cabinets to small carrying cases. If a simple bulletin board helps you keep an order visual- do it! The important thing is to find the system that works for you.
  • Old orders- Keep accurate records of your customer’s history with you. When they come in looking for a doll dress you made them 5 years ago, you can quickly pull it up and note previous materials and discuss what they may want to change.
  • Inventory- Whether you are keeping track of sewing books you have for sale or fabric and thread, it is crucial to be able to quickly locate what you need in order to make a sale or get a job done. Build shelves for books, specialty racks for cloth, buy bins for pins and other notions. Do what it takes to get organized.
  • Supplier invoices- You may purchase your materials from a local fabric store or a national supplier and you must have a way to file these receipts for accurate expense records. Tracking what you purchase helps you know how to take advantage of the next special offered by your suppliers. This way you can make money sewing, rather than just breaking even.

 Remember. This is your personal home sewing business. You will have many unique items to keep track of and inventory to find a home for. Whatever method you choose, there is no down side to being organized. It increases productivity and makes you most efficient, and that is what is important when you are sewing for profit!   Your customers will come back because you were ready to go to work the minute they walked in. They will love the fact that you didn’t have to spend time looking for scissors, pins, and measuring tape. Get organized and streamline the process of how to make money sewing at home.

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