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~Make money sewing at home AND have fun marketing and promoting~

Have you ever met a sales person without a clue? You know the one. They talked on and on about themselves and shared very little about their product. They asked you a question and then kept talking before you had a chance to respond. You respectfully distanced yourself and they followed at your heels providing unwanted input. Now that you are ready to make money sewing at home, remember that you are now in sales and keep the above unpleasantness in mind as you develop your marketing plan.

It is vital that all your advertising and promotions to draw your clients in, provide them a needed service, and give them access to a consultant who will work for and with them.

The opportunities for advertising your business are as varied and creative as the service you provide. From national multi-level marketing schemes to a sign on your front door, there are many ways to get the word out and begin to make money sewing for dolls and their owners. I recommend that you keep it simple.

  • Look for local sales opportunities. Yard sales and farmer’s markets will help get you and your product noticed. Seek out other events specific to dolls and collectors. Tradeshows and craft fairs will connect you to clients and other businesses.
  • The local Chamber of Commerce. This is often an unused, yet invaluable resource. Ask questions and learn how to connect with their resources. Do they have a banquet coming up? Sponsor a table and create a unique centerpiece showcasing your doll clothes and accessories. When the oooo’s and aaahh’s begin, have a simple business card or plaque in place letting all know who created such treasures.
  • Newspapers. Make it specific. Promote an event or item in order to track how many people come in from it.
  • If most of the shops advertise in the paper, find another way to stand out. Sponsor a kids sewing day and have a simple project ready for them to work on with their parents. It’s never too early to teach the next generation to have fun sewing for dolls.

While all the above is important, one of the most excellent marketing resources you have access to is your own website. This might provoke an overwhelming urge to run in the opposite direction, but setting up a web page today has never been simpler! Do you lack the time and energy? Call your local high school and ask them to recommend a techie student. It is a win/win situation! You can help them in their entrepreneurial ventures and they will provide an up-to-date, quality website. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the word out.

Once you have their business, find a way to keep clients coming back and give them an opportunity to help you advertise! As they endorse you to their friends, they become your best source of advertising. Here are a couple ways to keep them coming back:

  • Have a reward program in place so when a client purchases, they receive coupons good on their next purchase. Promote a specific doll clothes design and make a voucher good for that one item. Keep promotions new and fresh.
  • Promote referrals. Thank your customers for referring their friends by giving them additional discounts when their friends make purchases. Not only have you gained a new client, but you’ve strengthened the ties with your current one.

While you are looking to make money sewing, remember that you provide a unique service and valuing your clients will keep you in business for years to come.

From ads in a local paper to connecting with clients online, a marketing plan is vital to the success of your sewing business.  Your decision to make money sewing at home allows you the opportunity to be a part of your family’s life and contribute hand-made items to those who would never have the time or inclination to sew for themselves. Now, GO and promote what you have to offer!

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