The Value of Playing With Dolls

Because Your Child Is Worth It!

~Uncovering the benefits of a child’s play doll~

Never before have we as a nation needed more to step up to the plate and teach our children nurturing skills, emotional coping skills, and responsibility skills.  Allowing both male and female children the privilege of a child’s play doll and letting them decide the outcome of their doll’s day is a great way to reaffirm these values and skill sets.

As a mother I’ve seen how playing with dolls helps both boys and girls.  I have heard my children talking to their dolly very harshly and realize that they are repeating something that they heard me say and with the same tone.  If this isn’t an eye-opener to a parent, nothing is!  The most loved child can sometimes feel unsure of themselves.  A doll gives the child its unconditional attention as the child tries to explain the fears or uncertainties they are having.  As parents we often want to fix our child and make everything better, but sometimes allowing your child to play dolls and talk with them is the only way to fix things. They improve their communication skills and work through conflict resolution as well.

Often times, a child’s greatest fear can be the introduction of a  new sibling.  If the parent is aware of the child’s apprehension, having a doll to play with, nurture and love can help ease their fears.  Providing a doll for him/her to take care of and taking time out of your day to give dolly hugs and love can show your child that you have an overabundant supply of love to give out, thus easing the fear of being “left out” when the new sibling arrives.  When the new sibling is introduced to the child remember to introduce him/her to dolly as well.  Some children may even want to feed their dolls by using of a bottle while sitting with you as their sibling is being fed. When baby needs a diaper change, dolly may need one too.  Doing your part to validate your child’s needs will pay off greatly in the end.  It has been said that children live what they learn.  If your child needs to learn acceptance, what better way to teach him/her than by accepting his/her play dolls as a very real part of their world.

You cannot put a price on teaching your child the value of true compassion and empathy.  By allowing them to discover these values as they play with their dolls and making sure their needs are met, you are sacrificing little and being rewarded greatly.  Allowing your child to be the parent of their own play doll allows you to teach them what it means to take on the responsibility of physically and emotionally caring for another person and you will reap the rewards of a well developed and secure child. In the end everyone wins.

As your kiddos learn the value of interacting with their dolls and the rest of the world, consider taking it to the next level and instructing them own making clothing for their dolls. Sewing for dolls can provide specific focus for them in other areas such as caring for dolly, learning a new skill, and perhaps one day even turning it into an entrepreneurial mastermind. There is a lot that goes into nurturing your little one. Pay attention tot their learning styles and as they play dolls, look for teachable moments- where they teach you!

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